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Amphawa Floating Market in Bangkok

A Unique Water Bound Emporium


Amphawa floating market
Amphawa floating market

Amphawa floating market | Img Credit : Rmunsvila (Own Work) CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons



Floating markets are one of the hallmarks of Thailand, and the concept is almost universally associated with south-east Asia since they are prevalent in nations such as Indonesia and Vietnam.


Background to Amphawa
The Amphawa Floating Market is the second largest of its kind in and around Bangkok. The largest one, Damnoen Saduak, has become very focused on catering to tourists and now many choose to come to Amphawa since it is a more authentic setting.


The market’s myriad of seafood dishes is one of the most popular attributes and is therefore extremely popular with weekenders. The prices are also quite affordable with five large prawns coming to around 300 baht. If you’re staying a luxury hotel Bangkok has to offer nearby, such as Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok you could head to the Amphawa Floating Market for an rustic and unforgettable dining experience.


Thai people are famous for their cravings for sweet treats, and the range of sugary delights that are available at the floating market is nothing short of astonishing. From ice-cream to local sweets, this is an unlikely paradise for candy lovers.


It is almost essential that you have a few mementos of any good trip, and you will have a smorgasbord of potential choices at this market, ranging from unique t-shirts to various cultural handicrafts.









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