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Top Things to Do in Sukhumvit, Bangkok

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If you’re looking for a mix of shopping, culture, and nightlife in Bangkok, then Sukhumvit is the place to head to! Here are some of the best things to do on your visit to this captivating locale.

Stay the Night
Stay the Night | Image by Waranont (Joe) on Unsplash

Shop at Malls

Sukhumvit is home to some of the city’s best malls, and they’re worth checking out even if you’re not a big shopper. The Terminal 21 mall near Oakwood Suites Bangkok is particularly noteworthy, as each floor is themed after a different city – you can shop in Tokyo, Istanbul, or even San Francisco all in the same building! If you’re looking for a more high-end shopping experience, check out the Emporium and EmQuartier malls which are ideal for fashionistas in search of trendy designer brands too.

Experience Nightlife

This locale is famous for its nightlife, and there are plenty of bars and clubs to keep you entertained all night long. Such hotspots can be easily reached by those based at apartments in Sukhumvit along such roads as Soi 24. Popular clubs include Beam, Sugar Club Bangkok, and Sing Sing Theater, while for more adult-oriented nightlife, you can head to areas like Soi Cowboy; for something a little more laid-back, check out the rooftop bars in the area where you’ll get some amazing views of the city.

Visit the Baan Kamthieng House Museum

One of the key attractions in Sukhumvit, the Baan Kamthieng House Museum is worth a visit as well. This traditional Thai house has been preserved as a museum, and it’s a great place to learn more about local culture and history. As you explore this site, which is set amidst a beautiful garden, you will feel as if being transported to a northern Thai village where you can gain insights into traditional rural life. You will get to see a rice granary, weaving looms, religious charms, baskets, farming tools and more.

Explore the Sukhumvit Street Market

The Sukhumvit Street Market is a lively outdoor night market and a great place to pick up souvenirs, try some street food, and soak up some local culture. You’ll find everything from handmade crafts to vintage clothing, and if you have good bargaining skills, you may even get some great discounts! It’s not uncommon to find pop-up bars here, while this market is also known for featuring plenty of food vendors selling all sorts of delicious snacks and popular Thai street food.