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A Visit to Wat Saket in Bangkok

Discover the Golden Mount Temple

Wat Saket in Bangkok

Amongst the unique temples in Bangkok, Wat Saket or the Golden Mount Temple is a site that is well worth visiting on your next visit; here’s more on this captivating attraction.

Temple Location

Situated atop a hill, Wat Saket can be found in the Old Town area; when looking for the best place to stay in Bangkok, choose from properties of brands the likes of Maitria Hotels & Residences that are within easy reach of this locale. Nearby landmarks include Loha Prasat which is walking distance away.

A Bit of History

The original temple was from the Ayutthaya period, built during the rule of King Rama I; his grandson, King Rama III, constructed a huge chedi on a hill, though this collapsed due to the soft soil. Subsequently, King Rama IV set about rebuilding the chedi which was completed during the reign of King Rama V.

What to Expect

On entering the temple area, you will see a statue of three monkeys and below it how many steps you need to climb; 344! The climb is not arduous and on the way, you will come across a variety of fascinating statues and bells; it is said that ringing these bells can bring good fortune and is something you can do.

At the Summit

Just before you reach the top, there is a shrine hall with various statues; from here, stairs lead to the summit of Wat Saket where you can take in the stunning views of the city. You can also see the impressive golden chedi along with more bells and gongs that add to the charm of this sacred site.