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Tuk Tuks in Bangkok

This is going to be your favourite ride!

Tuk Tuks

In Bangkok, tuk-tuks are commonly known as sam lor- which means three-wheeled. Yes, there are MRTs, taxis, and the BTS, but tuk-tuks will always offer an exciting ride.

The charges

The funniest thing about tuk-tuk rides in Bangkok is that the fares are never predictable. These fares depend from one driver to another and sometimes depend on their moods too.

Learn to haggle

Tuk-tuk drivers say crazy prices for tourists. So, make sure you negotiate with them without agreeing with their first offer itself.

Avoid scams

Scammy tuk-tuks? Yes, they exist in Bangkok. Sometimes, they promise to take tourists around special shopping venues and secret attractions. If you get such an offer, just say ‘no, thanks!

Use tuk-tuks for short trips

Tuk Tuks
Tuk Tuks | Image via flickr

If your idea is to travel a short distance from any Bangkok city hotel the likes of Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok, you may use tuk-tuks. It’ll be cheaper and faster. But, if it’s a long-distance tour, taxis will be much better.

Avoid rush hours

Peak hours fall from 7.00 am to 9.00 am and then from 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm. Avoid these hours for tuk-tuks rides if possible due to heavy traffic jams.