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The Attractions by the River in Bangkok

A Riverside Full of Activity!

One of the most spectacular sights you would ever come across is Bangkok’s Chao Phraya River, lined with man-made wonders of majestic palaces and glorious other structures. A destination which offers something for all ages, Thailand is both the place where you can engage in thrilling activities and also spend some quality time in tranquil environs.

As the city’s popularity grows each day, one will always find themselves spoilt for choice thanks to the many things to do around Bangkok and its very many tourist attractions. While Thailand remains multi-faceted, its royal palaces will always remain a true symbol of the nation’s long history. Speaking of palaces, the Wat Phra Khew is among the most famous attractions that sit majestically overlooking the Chao Phraya River. Topping the list as one of the most visited attractions in the gleaming city, the Wat Phra Khew can be deemed as the most captivating point of interest in Bangkok. The Grand Palace houses the Wat Phra Krew, a temple which was built in the late 18th century. Its premises were used as the home of many Thai kings. The temple has within itself enshrined the much venerated Phra Kaew Morakot or the Emerald Buddha.

Another aspect of Bangkok’s glamour and glitter are its many fabulous resorts and hotels that visitors may take refuge in. While many guests are enthusiastic to explore the curiosities of this ancient city, its riverside establishments like AVANI Riverside Bangkok Hotel and other places provide the ideal escape to retire to after a very tiring day.

Shopaholics, the next stop is for you. Bordering the banks of the Chao Phraya River is a night mall named Asiatique. Spanning across four zones, the Asiatique shopping complex lights up Bangkok at night and offers guest a wide variety of interests. From local and international brands, classy restaurants and Bangkok’s favourite street food delights, Asiatique has got it all. The list certainly does not end there. As travellers explore every inch of this shopping haven, entertainment keeps all ears occupied. The mall encompasses a retro styled theme which is indicative of the site’s long history.

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