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Silom Road Market in Bangkok, a shopping highlight

The famous Silom district in the Thai capital Bangkok is one of the best-known parts of the city. In the daytime, the area seems to resemble a modern financial district with modern skyscrapers and a host of resident financial companies. However, Silom is also noted for its sensational shopping opportunities and nightlife, which are in contrast to its contemporary skyscrapers.

There is no doubt that the area’s shopping opportunities will appeal to almost any visitor irrespective of age or nationality. The district’s shops and stalls will enthral the traveller seeking attractive merchandise and bargains, offering an array of different kinds of goods and products. Unlike other shopping magnets in the city, Silom only features one major mall, the Silom Complex. Here, you will find a large main department store as well as numerous additional shops. The focus here is on value for money rather than upscale branded goods.

If you want to browse through an expansive inexpensive traditional marketplace the venue of choice will be the nearby Patpong Market. Watches, bags, jeans and jewellery are all abundant here, along with other apparel, furniture, handmade artworks and handicrafts. Bargaining is part of the experience and essential to obtain realistic prices. Even on the pavements and roadside stalls you will find attractive discounted goods and everywhere there is a laidback informal atmosphere.

For quality artworks the art lover should make it a point to stop over at Silom Galleria, an expansive three floor building which is filled with recognized artworks, exquisite jewellery and attractive antiques. If you want inexpensive business clothing, the place to go is Lalai Sap Market which offers sensational prices on blouses and dress shirts, slacks, skirts, shoes and conservative jewellery as well as wallets and bags.

The shopper looking for flowers should drop in at Bank Rak Market, where you will find an array of blooms including roses and Thailand’s renowned orchids at very reasonable prices. With so much to browse through and admire, a visit to Silom is sure to be a memorable experience.

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