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Phuket FantaSea

An Entertainment Extravaganza

If a site that features a show that contains trapeze artists, hundreds of performers and a cast of elephants along with one of Asia’s biggest buffets sounds too good to be true, then Phuket FantaSea is bound to change your mind! While this show spectacular can be found near Kamala Beach, those in search of a Phuket resort for the family can consider Anantara Phuket Resort Thailand. This Phuket beach resort also features a range of leisure amenities that perfectly complement the amazing experiences that this enchanting island has to offer.

Offering a theme park like experience, Phuket FantaSea is a dazzling show that combines a variety of animal and human performers who bring to life a stunning tale inspired by both history and fantasy. The show which starts at 9 p.m, is known for its extravagant and bold production values that can be witnessed on a huge stage. While the use of lasers, sound effects and theatrical explosions along with traditional dances and shadow puppets lend to the show’s allure, what really steals the limelight are the animal performers, chief amongst are the elephants. Of course these gentle giants are ably supported by a variety of other animal ‘actors’ including water buffalo, goats and roosters that help make this show one you will not soon forget.

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