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Night Markets of Bangkok

Bangkok is full of night markets which beckon those who visit it. Read on to find out all about these night markets and which ones you should explore.

Bangkok night markets

One cannot visit Bangkok and not venture into at least one of its world-famous night markets. With many an option, here are some things to keep in mind when exploring Bangkok’s night market circuit.

Stay Close to the Action

To make sure you get back safely after a night in the market, pick accommodation that is in a safe and central location. Whether you are a businessman or a holidaymaker a 4-star hotel in Bangkok is a great option. Hotels such as Maitria Mode Sukhumvit 15 are currently following all COVID 19 safety guidelines and would make a great base as you explore the city by night.

Become a Bargain Hunter

Come prepared to bargain for any goods, offered at a night market! While food is sold as per a standard price list, souvenirs, scarves, and any item of clothing are all meant to be haggled over. While the starting price might always seem unreasonable, have fun and see how great a negotiator you are when trying to snag that item that has caught your eye!

Night Markets

night markets
night markets | Image via Unspalsh

Each night market is known for something or the other. While Chatutak is a must-visit on a Friday night, Rod Fai Market is known for its quirky memorabilia and collector’s items. However, if you want to try out some street food the newer Rod Fai Market in Ratchada is where you can treat yourself to some delicious and exotic Thai food, sweets, and beverages.