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Must Sea Floating Markets in Bangkok

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One of the key tourist attractions in Bangkok are the floating markets , which have always been a popular choice among tourists. Transactions take place from boats , these markets initially started where water transportation was an option , even though it was used to serve the locals currently these markets have now becomes primarily operating on tourist transactions.

Bangkok is fast becoming a tourist hub and is not short of places for holiday makers to stay and feel at home. One of the busiest commercial streets in Bangkok would be Sukhumvit Road. Hotels in this area are widely available, however a popular option amongst tourist in the recent past has been serviced apartments. A noteworthy choice with this regard would be , Somerset Lake Point Bangkok. Conveniently located , minutes away from the shopping , restaurants , stations it is an ideal home away from home with its modern amenities.

The floating markets which are top tourist attractions stock up on many tropical vegetables , fruits , coconut water and operate from very early hours. There are a few of these markets around Bangkok. The most touristy one among them would be Damnoen Saduk , which is located approximately 1.5 hours away from the capital. Khlong Lat Mayom is another one such market in Southern Bangkok . It is a very laid back market and a perfect place to enjoy street food. Taling Chan is another one such market which is famous for its roasted seafood selection. Bang Nam Phueng is one of the other floating markets that one would stumble upon, it is one of the new markets that have come up in the recent years to serve the rising demand for such markets.

Bangkok was once renowned as the Venice of Asia for its extensive water transportation systems and canals.

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