Mouth-Watering delicacies that can only found in Bangkok

A treat for your sweet tooth

Thai cuisine is well known for its fiery hot curries and chilled stir-fried dishes. Many people often fail to notice that there is another side to the Thai cuisine which has some of the sweetest delicacies you can ever taste.


Thai cuisine features some of the best desserts and sweets you can ever taste and being a tropical nation most of these dishes are made from delicious and exotic tropical ingredients. Here are the top four picks of decadent desserts suggested by The Dine and Wine.

Mango and Sticky rice (Khao new mamuang)

Mango sticky rice

Mango sticky rice | Dennis Wong | (CC BY 2.0)

The first dish in the list is the Mango and Sticky rice. Treat your plate with slow cooked coconut sticky rice with perfectly ripe and juicy mangoes topped with generous amounts of rich and creamy coconut milk. There is also a notoriously pungent version of sticky and sweet coconut rice and you get to try it with durian.

Pancakes (Roti)

thai roti

Takeaway, Thai green chicken curry and roti, CC BY-SA 3.0

You can enjoy this food item in most of the Street food stalls which are some of the best local places to eat and savour delicious food in Bangkok. Known by locals as roti; it is made from dough that is flipped continuously on a hot skillet until it becomes flaky on the outside. The roti is then served with banana or pineapple fillings topped with a drizzle of sweet and creamy condensed milk.

Luk Chup

luk chup miniature fruit/vegetable-shaped candy (made with mung bean paste)

Susan Slater, 154 – khanom luk chup, CC BY-SA 4.0

This sweet made it to the list not only for its rich and distinctive taste but also for its colourful and artistic presentation. The sweet is made by boiling mung bean, coconut milk, and sugar into a pulp. Which is then kneaded into different shapes mostly miniature sized fruits? The sweet is then coated with jelly to give it a glossy and colourful look you can find these sweets in a best local bakery or traditional sweets shop.

Sweet sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves

Sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves.

McKay Savage , Vietnam 08 – 161 – sticky rice at the market (3187495012), CC BY 2.0

This distinctive sticky rice sweet is prepared with sticky rice slowly cooked in coconut milk and sugar, the rice is the then molded around sweet taro root or banana then grilled being wrapped in banana leaves. What emerges from the grill afterward is a heavenly dessert that is deliciously sweet and gooey on the inside with a slightly charred, crispy outside.

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