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Historical attractions in Hong Kong

Explore the Heritage of a Monumental Metropolis

20091002 Hong Kong Tian Tan Buddha

Hong Kong Tian Tan Buddha | Img credit : Jakub Hałun20091002 Hong Kong Tian Tan Buddha 6329CC BY-SA 4.0



Hong Kong is a place with a captivating story, and there are many places you can visit to discover the historical background of one of the most famous cities in the world.


Murray House
Situated at the tranquil coastal town of Stanley, the Murray House is one of the most beautiful and captivating examples of Hong Kong’s colonial heritage. The house boasts Victorian architectural design, and was built in 1844 and was named after Sir George Murray, who was a politician and British army officer.


The Peak Tram
This is the highest mountain on Hong Kong Island, and the best way to tackle it is through the tram system that has been in operation since 1888. Although the trams have received a series of modern modifications, they still have a distinctly vintage feel.


Ride the Star Ferry
This iconic vessel has been operating in Hong Kong waters ever since 1880, and still takes daily tours between Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula. Pretty much all 5 Star Hotels in Hong Kong would be familiar with the ferry, so if you’re staying at a place such as The Murray, Hong Kong, be sure to inquire about the Star Ferry.


Visit Tao O
With a history of more than three centuries, this fishing village exists entirely on stilts and is the domain of the Tanka People. A visit to the village is like a trip through time allowing people to experience a much simpler time.






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