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Gate to Siam-Chiang Rai

Breathtaking Views

Chiang Rai in Northern Thailand has a number of attractions for the tourists. Amongst these diverse places of interest, there is Gate to Siam. The Gate of Siam in Chiang Rai is a place on the border with Laos. A picturesque area located on a high altitude, visitors can see the Laos in front and the Mekong River below. It is one of the most important tourist attractions in this region. A massive board sheltered with a tiled roof in the typical Thai style welcomes you to Gate to Siam.

Anyone who travels here is sure to come across a number of interesting places with stories about them and spots of historical importance. Some places through which the soldiers crossed the borders between Thailand and Laos can still be seen amongst the hill areas. There have been small openings amidst the rocks which have served as gates for the troops to move from one area to the other during the Cold War period.

Travelling through the region, the travellers can be sure to come across beautiful scenery in the region. It is at an altitude at which even the clouds in the far away regions can be seen and when the sun shines over the lands below, it creates such as wonderful view. In the early mornings the region is covered in mist and it is an absolutely amazing view for any traveller. The photo enthusiasts are sure to have a great time capturing the beauty of these regions. Close by in the Mekong river one can see colourful boats, traditional boats and on the banks of it are makeshift stalls catering to the people who come here. There is definitely much to see and much more to experience here in this area.

Travellers who stay at many Chiang Rai Hotels come to see the gate to Siam and the other attractions and scenery in the area. Being the largest town in the northern part of Thailand, there are a number of luxury hotels. But for those who are keen on having the best of service and the best of hospitality this eastern land has in offer there is no better hotel Chiang Rai than Anantara Golden Triangle Thailand.

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