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First Time In Bangkok

Adventure Beckons!


Bangkok has been referred to as the gateway to South East Asia in recent times, but this bustling city is well worth a stopover. With its incredible nightlife, markets, food, and temples – read on to uncover what any first-time visitor ought to know before they go.

Why Bangkok?

From countless temples and deep cultural roots to a thriving bar scene, Bangkok has something for everybody who visits. What makes this city so appealing to the world is also how it’s great for those travellers on a tight budget as well!

Where in Bangkok?

Since this is a large city, it’s always a great idea to stay closer to the heart of the action. If you’re looking for a boutique hotel in Bangkok your options are countless. However, for a hotel that is both conveniently located and makes for a pleasant stay, Maitria Hotel Rama 9 is an excellent choice.

How long in Bangkok?

With so much to experience and see and so many delicacies to sample, not even one month’s sojourn will do justice to this sprawling city. However, at least 3 nights in Bangkok will allow you to see the unmissable sights and sounds and have many a mini adventure too.

Notable Attractions in Bangkok

Kings Palace
Kings Palace | Image via Pixahive

Take a cruise down the river and admire the beautiful buildings on its banks or else visit the Grand Palace. This is one of Bangkok’s most popular attractions and served as the official residence of the monarchy until 1925. Wat Pho is a must-see temple that houses a statue of Buddha in a reclining position as well!