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Experience the Nightlife of Bangkok – From bars to markets

From bars to markets

Bangkok has a premier reputation as a vacation destination. It’s got everything that one would need out of their vacation, a little of everything to satisfy everybody. It’s relatively easy to make a few lifetime memories in such a place. The capital of the Land of Smiles is a vibrant place, regardless of the time of day, or the activity you decide to pursue – so why not take a look a the city after the sun falls? Discover Bangkok after dark on your luxury getaway!

Muay Thai Matches

Muay Thai Fight Us Vs Burma | Image by Gerrit Phil Baumann via Wikimedia Commons,CC BY 3.0

Famous all around the world as a combat sport, and even more popular within the confines of Thailand. Although gambling is mostly illegal, one of the sole ways to legally gamble remains to bet on prize fights – the energy of the fighters is only matched by the cheers of the crowd, as the skill and tenacity displayed by the contestants are a sight to truly behold. It’s an honest change from the usual red-light districts, if a little bloodier than you might expect.

Night Tuk Tuk Tour

A late-night tour around the city is a standard outcome for vacationing in a new city – but the twist here is that you get to do it in a tuk-tuk, a local form of transportation in a three-wheeled automobile. It’s a great way to travel, with breezy night air blowing through you and is also a cheap and easy way to have a good look at the city and its attractions, like the food and culture.

Live Performances

The performances of Thailand are widely spoken of, in small and large circles. Unique in the selection of performances, that range from Muay Thai dramatizations to Korean chefs, as well as Thai dancing – the big stage is an excellent way to enjoy the vibrant nightlife in the city. Seek out the famous Siam Niramit show, a great date for couples and those looking for a little extra pomp and grandeur!

Rooftop Bars

Fancy the skyline of Bangkok, as you relax and sip on a delicious cocktail? Luckily, the city provides just what you need. Exploring the city will yield many results in your search for a rooftop bar – many of which are only a few minutes away from your luxury stay at a premier hotel, such as the Pathumwan Princess Hotel. Yet another delightful way to while away the hours of the night, while taking in the sweeping views of one of the most exciting cities in the world.

Visit a restaurant or Night Market

After-dark meals and shopping brings about a feeling of mystery. Luckily, there’s not much danger to be concerned about, as the night markets are actually quite crowded and popular. Check out the massive Chatuchak Market, with cheap goods, vintage fashion, and souvenirs galore! After you’ve gotten your purchases down pat, you can head out into the city to hunt for your night meal, with many restaurants exclusive and rustic. In the end, it’s not difficult to find the top restaurants in Bangkok if you spend a bit of time searching.