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Ethical Travel 2021

Travel more responsibly now!

Travel Responsible

COVID 19 has surely changed the world, or at least the way people used to think about everything. The travel and tourism industry will also be subject to changes, and ‘ethical travel’ will be one major turning point.

Ethical Travel?

Just as travellers used to do, they can have their fun and enjoy the moments while they travel around the world. But ethical travel encourages travellers to be more responsible towards the planet and the people.

Staying closer to home

When the destinations around you are full of life and glamour, why would you want to go far? You may reduce your carbon footprint this way and make sure you don’t contribute to environmental pollution.

Choosing sustainable hotels

Did you know that many 4-star hotels in Bangkok the likes of Maitria Rama 9 Hotel are committed to offering sustainable hospitality services? So, when you are there, do your part by switching off the lights when they are not needed and dumping trash properly.

Reducing plastic consumption

When travelling to a new destination, go eco-friendly! Don’t use plastic bottles and bags, and instead, use recyclable or bio-degradable things as much as possible. Let your kids practise these too.