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Discover Elephants World in Thailand

Encounters with Gentle Giants


If you are holidaying in Bangkok and looking for a change of scenery as well as a new adventure, then plan a visit to ElephantsWorld where you can get up close with these majestic animals.

Planning a Visit

This attraction is in Kanchanaburi around three hours away from Bangkok. Those staying in the city at a hotel in Sukhumvit including proprieties such as Maitria Hotel Sukhumvit 18 can choose one of ElephantsWorld’s tour packages; it includes transport from and to the Thai capital and an English-speaking guide.

A Safe Haven

This site offers a sanctuary for these animals and is home to more than 30 rescued elephants who are given veterinary care and looked after. It is keen to stress that it is an ethical animal sanctuary; while it lets visitors interact with these creatures, it does not engage in activities like providing elephant rides.

Half and Full Day Tours

An ideal option for those staying in Bangkok is to go on a half-day (morning or afternoon) or full-day tour. On such excursions, one will get the chance to gather and prepare food for the elephants as well as feed them, see them enjoying an “elephant spa” (a kind of mud bath!) and take them to the river for their baths.

Overnight or One-Week

ElephantsWorld does offer an overnight package with more activities, while those looking for more in-depth experiences can try the one-week mahout programme. Here, you will be entrusted to the full care of one elephant, while also getting insights on being a mahout including learning elephant commands and more.