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Bangkok Street Foods

always delicious, always unique

A visit to Bangkok would not be complete without sampling the ubiquitous street food of the Thai capital. Tasty and inexpensive, there is no doubt that street food offers great value and many choices for the visitor.

You will find street food wherever you go in Bangkok, with a particular concentration in busy parts of the city. There are some vendors who operate in small groups, so that diners may obtain a different meal every night in the same locale. Some of these stalls are open for business 24 hours a day. Often you will find a curry and rice stall, a stall specialising in noodle dishes and a ‘made-to-order’ stall. Naturally, it is best to ascertain what exactly the stall specialises in, which you can normally do simply by observing the kinds of ingredients being used through the glass window and the methods of preparation.

As you might expect, there are innumerable noodle stalls in Bangkok, offering specialties like duck noodles, chicken noodles and egg noodles, with accompaniments like wonton, beef, barbecued pork, meatballs, and more. You will also find exotic treats like noodles with soybean paste, squid and fish balls. The visitor will see that the noodles itself comes in different shapes and sizes. Rice is a staple food for Thais and accordingly there is a vast array of rice stalls in the Thai capital. Rice is typically eaten with accompaniments and you will find a good selection at the numerous ‘curry with rice’ stalls in the city. Not to be missed are the ‘made-to-order’ stalls, which will cook up any Thai food you would like to sample. Excellent choices would be fried rice, stir-fried meats, special Thai omelettes and pork stir-fried with pepper and garlic. Don’t forget to try out the tempting local desserts which are delicious and native to Thailand. With so much to offer, there is no doubt that the street food of the Thai capital will be a highlight for any food lover.

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