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Bangkok Street Art

A Wonderful Haze of Colours

bukruk street art

If you’re new to the world of street arts and may have recently acquired your first taste of this exciting field of arts, here are some of the favourites of the street-art fans that you can visit while staying at a property such as Emporium Suites by Chatrium.

International Street Art Festival

This is an annual event, which is known locally as BUKRUK, and translates to ‘invasion’. This street art festival is usually held at Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre, lying close to restaurants Sukhumvit has to offer.

Famous Street Artists

ALEX FACE and BON are two internationally-acclaimed street artists, with their work displayed in different parts of the world. For instance, ALEX FACE is famous for the three-eyed bunny called ‘Mardi’, which is exhibited in Korea and Taiwan.

Causes Behind Art

The work of ALEX FACE effectively conveys the frustration of local problems whereas BON’s work focuses the spotlight on the changing society and the related problems with his vibrant characters.

International Work

Apart from these local artists, many foreign artists have contributed to the Bangkok street art scene. For example, the Japanese duo DOPPEL have displayed their work in Bangkok.