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Adventures on Khao San Road in Bangkok

A colourful concoction of colour, culture and cuisine, Khao San Road in Bangkok offers a most unique holiday adventure. This area truly comes alive at night and those in search of something to do in the day before a visit here can consider taking Bangkok cruises such as those offered by Anantara Cruises Thailand. This exceptional Bangkok cruise tour on the Chao Phraya River offers a unique perspective on some of the main attractions in the city, set amidst the scenic riverside backdrop.

Once day gives into night, make your way to Khao San Road where pulsating music, aromas of exotic cuisine and a lively hustle and bustle will draw you in. A popular haunt amongst backpackers, this locale is alive with energy and provides a unique visitor experience. Those who love to shop will find an eclectic array of stalls here selling DVDs, CDs, clothing items, souvenirs and more. It is also home to a happening nightlife scene with pubs, bars and clubs providing perfect venues in which to party the night away. Don’t forget to try some of the dishes on offer at the many restaurants, eateries and street stalls on Khao San Road; those who dare can even introduce their taste buds to such delicacies as fried insects!

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