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A Culinary Journey in Bangkok


Thailand’s Bangkok is known for scrumptious culinary journeys that take your breath away. Bangkok’s street food, fine dishes and authentic Thai dishes are a spectrum of flavours that amuse your palate’s desires.

food-tour | img by Lee LeFever via flickr


Street Food at Chinatown

While it takes almost a 3-hour ride from a hotel in Sukhumvit to get to Chinatown in Bangkok, the ride from Maitria Hotel Sukhumvit 18 will still be worthwhile. Experience a slice of heaven as you taste the city’s distinctive dishes. However, the company of an experienced local foodie would be proven beneficial for first-timers who are attempting to spot places to grab a bite.


Midnight Snacks

Midnight snacks in a tuk-tuk ride in the city of Bangkok is an experience to cherish for a lifetime. Hop onto a tuk-tuk and explore the city’s street food in local style. Taste the Thai goodness of Isan specialities, coupled up with various authentic dishes as you travel through the streets with a local food expert. Add more flavour to your culinary journey by visiting the flower markets and temple, throughout midnight in a city that never sleeps.


The Bang Rak Foodies

Bang Rak has garnered attention as one of Bangkok’s most popular and diverse food destinations. Travel through the journey of identifying the differences in southern and northern Thailand dishes to order like a local expert from most family-owned restaurants that offer regional dishes to soothe your taste buds with Thailand’s best.


Fine Dining Restaurants

While Bangkok’s street foods have won over the hearts of many travellers, some seek fine dining restaurants for a laid back meal. The growing industry of fine dining in Thailand now serves authentic food without compromising its flavours, decorated in high-quality ingredients and creativity.