Ways to Avoid Tourist Traps in Bangkok – Tips to Stay Safe

Thailand’s capital Bangkok has been a tourist hub for years. However the high numbers of tourists also has brought upon another serious concern; there are various traps set to catch the unaware tourist! A hotel near Siam Paragon Bangkok is popular among tourists in terms of accommodation. One of the noteworthy options among them is Vic3 Bangkok. One of the reasons for the hotel being a popular pick is that it is located centrally. The amenities offered are modern and provide maximum convenience and comfort.

One of the fears for most tourists in faraway lands is the fear of being at a disadvantage because of not being a local in many ways. Some of the common issues are being overcharged, being tricked into buying things that are not authentic, etc. Bangkok too is home to some of these infamous activities.

Among the things that affect most tourists in Bangkok are the costly taxi rides. It’s always advisable to take taxi’s that have meters. If you are told that the meter is not working, best option would be to hop into a different taxi. Another option would be to get an estimated price before getting there.

A key thing to remember is to not listen to touts. Whether at airports or if it’s to do with shopping it’s better to get tips from the hotel you are staying at, as they would not get a commission and would recommended some good spots. Thailand is also famous for its gems, however if you are unsure about the authenticity of gems it is better to verify it with a reputed organization.


Uditha Dharmawardhane is a travel writer who writes under the pen name Roland Lefevre. He specializes in creating features on leisure as well as business travel destinations across the globe.