Wat Phra That Doi Chom Thong

Holy Repository of Sacred Buddha Relics

The province of Chiang Rai, Thailand has many attractions and its capital Chian Rai is a good base to experience and enjoy them. The small, delightful city with cool temperatures is very relaxing and the words hotel Chiang Rai means good value accommodation. The beautifully located Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort offers the ultimate in luxury living while experiencing living close to nature and elephants (which are an intrinsic part of Chiang Rai) and conveniently visiting local places of interest like Wat-Phra- That -Dom-Choi-Thong.

The site of Wat Phra That Dom Choi -Thong has been revered as a sacred area from pre- Buddhist times as the home of local spirits. The Yonok Chronicle states that the Chedi was originally constructed by Phraya Ruen Kaew, Prince of Chiang Rai to house relics of the Buddha in 940.

Later, King Meng Rai is said to have first set eyes on the land for his capital of Chiang Rai from the solitary hill on the banks of the River Kok, that is Dom-Chom – Thong. He is said to have been following a lone elephant when he came upon the site for the capital which he established in 1260.

The octagonal Chedi built in 1864 stands at the center of the temple grounds and is its focal point. Its architecture is a mix of Bhu-Kam (Myanmar) and Lanna styles. Approximately 14 meters in height, the lotus petal base, body, bell and the topmost spire of the Chedi are covered in gold foil. In front of the Chedi is a Buddha statue in the Maravijaya pose.
Adjacent to Wat Phra That Doi Choi Dom-Thong are the 108 city pillars of Chiang Rai built to celebrate 725 years of the founding of the City of Chiang Rai, honour King Meng Rai and commemorate King Bhumibol’s sixtieth birthday. Chiang Rai is the only city in Thailand to revive the ancient concept of the city pillar.

Visiting this temple and the city of Chiang Rai and other attractions of nature, religious and cultural interest, indulging in trekking and other sports and mingling and riding the majestic elephants assures visitors of many memorable moments.


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