Travel Tips for Phuket, Thailand

Making the Most of the Paradise Island

If you want to explore Thailand’s most picturesque island, there is no better destination than beautiful Phuket, providing an enchanting getaway for families and honeymooners alike.



Phuket is one destination that caters to all kinds of travellers; so whether you are visiting the island on a budget holiday or are looking for an all out splurge, rest assured you will find something that appeases both you and your pockets in this part of the world. 3 star, 4 star, 5 star or no star Phuket’s hotels are readily available for booking on most of the websites on the internet. Consider staying at a Phuket luxury resort if you are looking for some personal pampering and want to enjoy the very best the island has to offer. Staying at COMO Hotels and Resorts is an ideal option in this regard. Travel agents are also quick in striking good deals but it is best to make your bookings early for in this destination hot deals disappear like hot cakes! If you are wondering how much hotels cost in Phuket the best part is that it is definitely cheaper than the West; however, Phuket is considered a relatively expensive island in Thailand. Nevertheless you can find a 3 to 4 star hotel with clean rooms, air conditioning, satellite television and a swimming pool for about $30-50USD. Basic accommodation is also available for those of you travelling on a tight budget and in fact a basic room with air conditioning in a rather new and clean hotel can be as little as $15-25USD.


The heart of Phuket beats on its coasts for that is where this island’s most exquisite beauty lies. Phuket being a tiny island is all about its beaches and pretty much every bit of its coast is breathtaking. However there are a couple of names that make must visit beaches in beautiful Phuket. Laem Sing for instance is popularly believed to be one of the most beautiful beaches in this entire island and is one spot that you will never be able to get enough of. It’s a private beach though and the only access to this area is two small footpaths down a steep mountainside. If you by any chance manage to get inside consider yourself very lucky. Then there is the Patong Beach. This beach is by far the most famous in Phuket for it is lively, vibrant and perfect for both partygoers and family. A tourist friendly coastline, Patong is packed with everything from a plethora of restaurants, souvenir shops and what not. Yet another immensely popular coastal getaway in Phuket is Kata and Karon which is highly popular among Scandinavian couples. The highlight of this beach is its nightlife for you can find here an eclectic range of pubs and bars. Far quieter than the neighbouring Patong and Kata, Rawai Na-Harn is yet another beautiful beach in Phuket. Featuring a relaxed ambience, the beach emulates a typical Thai charm thanks to the wide array of Thai cuisine found along its shores. Lastly you get Chalong Beach which for the low budget traveller is nothing short of paradise.


Good food in Phuket is found in plenty and there is a wide array of restaurants to deliver the promised impressions of delightful Thai Cuisine. Patong for instance is home to Song Pee Nong one of the best Thai restaurants in all of Phuket. Kata also has its share of excellent restaurants including Larp Classic, The Frog Club and Cappanina. If you are on a budget holiday the joints at Chalong offer good food for better prices.

Things to Do

Apart from lounging in the beaches there is literally a world of things to do in a destination like Phuket. The Phuket Fantasea is an interesting show and is considered by many as the number 1 attraction on the island. So if you are in town don’t miss this one out. Other things to do in Phuket includes wild and adventurous water sports, exciting music events and exploring breathtaking landscapes like the ones found at Prom Thep Cape that you can never quite get enough of.