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Thonburi Canals

Journeys worth every penny

The Thonburi Canals are a series of tributaries that snake its way through Bangkok while letting you experience a side to life in the city that most foreign travellers would find hard to understand and relate to. Fondly referred to as “khlongs”, these waterways which for long periods formed part of the local transportation system in the city have transformed itself into colourful escapes and appealing attractions for those yearning for good quality adventuring in their own time, away from the hustle of the city and its inhabitants.

Hordes of commuter boats dot these canals ever ready to escort curious visitors across its silent waters and to the very doorstep of some of Bangkok’s most acclaimed landmarks and sights that are steeped in history and culture. While first time visitors may find these tributaries and the boats quite a daunting task, especially during peak times when large numbers of visitors tend to crowd around onto every available boat, the best course of action that one ought to engage in is by chartering a private boat on which one might schedule one’s own adventures under the watchful and capable eyes of trusted tour guides, well versed in navigating these waters. For a more conclusive outlook on how to enjoy the best experience on these canals, do consult your hotel that you might be based at, for there is no better perspective than those offered by the locals. Checking into a riverside Bangkok hotel such as Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort would be the ideal way in which to kick start your holidays here. A boat can be hired for a fee ranging from 400-500 baht per hour which is negotiable of course but at times you will only be offered a driver whose English may or may not be up to scratch. Piers ranging from Taksin, Rivercity and Maharaj are the main piers from where one’s journeys could commence. The Royal Barges Museum, Khlong Mon and Khlong Bangkok Yai are some of the more popular choices for exploring though meandering past makeshift homes, iconic temples, secluded streets and busy marketplaces only add to the joys of being lost within a part of Bangkok that one would always want to return to in the future.

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