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The Grand Palace

Admire the grandeur of the Grand Palace

The palace was built in 1782 and was for around 150 years the residence of the Thai King. The Royal bloodline along with relatives and kings men dwelled at the complex. Thai’s are known for their intricate architecture and the magnificent golden structures they built in ancient times. The Grand Palace is where all of these features are brought out and emphasised. The craftsmanship of the Thai people has been exemplary as they have put in a great deal of effort to design and decorate the palace. The Grand Palace is no longer the home of the royalty; it was absorbed by the clergy and now stands as a religious site that celebrates the teachings and principles of Buddha.
There are a set of impressive buildings that make up the Grand Palace of Bangkok. The temple of the Emerald Buddha holds a precious emerald statue that dates back to the fourteenth century. The Buddha is adorned with clothes and the clothing of the Buddha is an important custom in the Thai Buddhist calendar. The kings of Thailand stopped living in the complex during the 20th century and since then it has been used by Buddhist monks. There are several religious and cultural festivities that are celebrated at this premises and the building attracts a large number of Buddhist devotees.
The entire complex was designed to protect the royalty, so the entrance was the government departments that the king was involved in. The temple of the Emerald Buddha was considered sacred and religious so it was located in the interior of the palace. The central court was where the king actually resided, so in case of an invasion the king and his men had time to defend themselves. The inner court was also where the daughters of the king lived. When visiting this attraction be sure that your attire is in accordance with the dress code.
The palace is now a place of worship so you need to dress accordingly before its sacred premises. If you have been out sightseeing and wore something short, don’t worry, there are booths that rent sarongs for visitors. If you want to visit the Grand Palace then check for hotels in Asoke Bangkok for a memorable stay. A Bangkok hotel in Petchburi would be the ideal location to stay. Check out Atrium Bangkok it is conveniently located in proximity to Bangkok’s attractions.

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