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The Gate of Siam in Thailand, an amazing location

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There are many interesting attractions for the visitor in the province of Chiang Rai and of these the Gate of Siam may be counted as one of the less frequented ones. Unlike some other attractions in the area which are major tourist destinations, this feature is relatively secluded and is not usually occupied by numerous holidaymakers. From here you will be able to enjoy delightful panoramic views over the surrounding countryside which creates a breathtaking sight.

The Gate of Siam is the name given to a particular location which, as its name suggests, serves as an entranceway from Thailand to neighbouring Laos. It is marked by a memorial which stands on a pathway surmounting a distinctive rock formation. This rugged pathway has been hewed through the local limestone hills and once played a part in the military conflicts which occurred in this region in years past. At this location the Chinese Nationalists and their Western allies fought with the joint Communist forces of China, Vietnam and Laos.

There is no doubt that the Gate of Siam is a truly unforgettable spectacle, framed by lofty limestone peaks, and looking over a deep canyon where clouds and mists hover above the mighty Mekong River. Visitors will also be able to observe the traditional mode of life of the local villagers, who are mainly people of Chinese ethnic origin.

Visitors will be able to enjoy the attractive hiking opportunities offered by the locality, where you will find invigorating hiking terrain. Once you have ascended the local cliff you will be able to look over the country of Laos, with a few small hamlets visible from above. This amazing location is also an ideal place in which to take photographs with its bird’s eye views over the pristine surrounding countryside. Once experienced the unforgettable Gate of Siam will live on in the memory of the visitor.

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