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The Amazing Sanctuary of Truth

a testament to Thai craftsmanship

The beautiful country of Thailand continues to hold its position as one of Asia’s top travel destinations. From its growing selection of luxury hotels in Bangkok, such as the centrally located Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel, for example, to its exotic beach locations like Phuket, the choices in accommodation are endless. Thailand has much to offer travellers, so much so, that one visit just isn’t enough to see and experience everything. The Sanctuary of Truth is one of those places that should definitely be on your list of top ten must visit locations.

Located in Pattaya, a 2-hour drive south of Bangkok, the Sanctuary of Truth is an iconic wooden structure in Thailand. The intricately carved, 105-metre-tall structure comes across as either a stately palace or ancient temple; however, it is neither. It was commissioned in 1981 by a Thai businessman as a place where Thai philosophy, arts and culture could be better appreciated, and construction is still ongoing.

The structure itself is an ode to Thai craftsmanship. Constructed entirely of teak wood, without any metal nails, the structure is covered, inside and out, with detailed carvings of Hindu and Buddhist deities, elephants, people and mythological creatures. A workshop located inside gives visitors a glimpse of the amount of work and skill it takes to complete each piece of ornate carvings.

Each handcrafted carving is designed to pay homage to the Ancient Vision of Earth, Knowledge and Eastern Philosophy. They are also an expression of human existence as none of the wood has been treated or given protection from elements; so the older parts will gradually yield to the harshness of the environments. Whether you follow a certain faith or not, the delicate carvings and raw beauty of the Sanctuary of Truth creates a strong sense of wonder and tranquility.

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