Mae Sai near Chiang Rai – A Treasure unheard

The city of Mae Sai in the northern end of Thailand has often been overshadowed by other popular parts of the nation. Its location being right on the top has shielded it from becoming too common and over the years it has maintained its name as the rare jewel of Thailand. Mae San is the land that connects Thailand to Burma and has the added advantage of the touch of both worlds. It is a small city but is rich in wonders. So take a day out and drive to the top of Thailand and you will certainly experience the pleasure of being in two places at one time!

To truly appreciate the wonders of Mae Sai, you have to go there for the touch of authenticity is still very much evident in every inch of this little village. This is one town that boasts much of the features of a typical border town with a touch of attraction from both worlds; Thailand and Burma in this case. A couple of natural wonders also exist in this location which includes the fascinating Tam Pal Caves. The Tam Pla Caves is located around 12km from Sae Sai and is absolutely worth visiting. The eerie effect of the cave is multiplied by its sheer darkness, be sure to bring with you a flash light to find your way through the cave. Then there is the Wat Phra That Wai Dao. This is a small temple and a stupa that has been built on a small hill that actually overlooks Mae Sai. It can be accessed through the steep staircase that has been built on the hill. The temple and its surroundings are a treasure-trove of history and wonders. There are plenty of interesting monuments around the area that gives an essence of authentic Thai culture. Nearby a peaceful river flows which has by its side a multistoried monument dedicated to King Naresuan. King Neressuan is a famous Lanna king who was known to protect Thailand from Burmese invasion. His power is emulated by the giant scorpion statue that is erected by the side of the monument.

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