Doing Business in Bangkok – Four things to Keep in Mind

Bangkok is now a famous commercial capital with many multinationals locating their regional headquarters here. Remember these pointers if you find yourself in Bangkok on a business trip.

Class and Respect

Much like many Asian countries, Thai people are very class-conscious. If you’re a middle-aged Caucasian in a suit, then you will probably be treated with a lot of respect. Unfortunately, they would also be unlikely to question anything you say or deliver bad news since they would tend to stray away from upsetting authority.

Business Hotels and Meetings

If you’re unfamiliar with Bangkok, then finding your way around can be very difficult. So be sure to organise your meetings at one of many business hotels Bangkok has nearby to all parties involved. There are many hotels to choose from, ideal for corporate functions in the city, such as Anantara Sathorn Bangkok Hotel.

What NOT to Do

Never say anything critical of the king since it can even lead to legal action against you. The Buddha is highly respected so always express respect in the presence of Buddhist imagery and never leave the soles of your feet facing a Buddha statue or image. Never pass items over someone’s head or with your left hand and do not point at anything with a single finger.

General Etiquette

Displaying emotion publicly is considered disrespectful, and so is criticising someone openly and causing them to lose face. Always speak courteously and politely.

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Bangkokian Museum – Taking a step back in time

The city of Bangkok has a long and rich cultural history that spans thousands of years; however not everyone has the time to visit the big museums and cultural sites to admire it. The Bangkokian Museum in Bang rak is a small charming museum that consists of two small wooden houses that have been preserved exactly as they were one century ago.

While not as extensive as the Bangkok national museum, it’s a great place to visit if you happen to be staying in a nearby Sathorn hotel, Bangkok, such as the Anantara Sathorn Bangkok Hotel, which is only 15 minutes away from the museum. Sometimes referred to as the Bangkok folk museum, the house is located down a small street, at the back of a lush garden that’s hidden from sight behind a big wooden gate. Whilst there is a large board which says ‘Bangkokian Museum, even that can be hard to spot if you’re not looking out. Entrance is free, so simply walk in and take a tour of the two houses and listen to enchanting story behind them.

Both houses features wooden floors and antique furniture, with daily used objects enclosed safely behind antique closets and glass casing. A cool breeze flows through the houses and while both are quite small, a large verandah at the back provides a lovely view of the garden. It’s not hard to imagine the people living spending time relaxing on the verandah, enjoying the shade of the trees.

Near the two vintage houses is a much larger modern building which houses a vast collection of antique objects. Most don’t have any historical value and some might even be very recent but it’s still quite interesting to view. A gallery is located upstairs with photographs taken around the country during the last centuries. If you’re interested in observing how ordinary locals lived in Bankgkok, the Bangkokian Museum is a delightful stop to see a real home, frozen in time, just as it was over a century ago.

Roland Lefevre is a travel writer who specializes in creating features on leisure as well as business travel destinations across the globe. Google+

Best tourist attract destinations in Bangkok – Prepare for a fascinating experience!

Named the most popular travel destination in the world by many a travel guide: Bangkok is a city with a fitting blend of traditional and contemporary. This magical land of glistening temples, gold statues, floating markets and delicious street food is quickly gaining popularity for its urban attractions. Stay in a trendy neighbourhood that is also centrally located at the Anantara Sathorn Bangkok Hotel and enjoy luxury on top of breathtaking views of the city’s iridescent skyline.

Start your sightseeing tour at The Grand Palace, home of King Rama I. It includes a central court; inner court, resembling a small city and an outer court, housing government departments and the famous Wat Phra Kaew or Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Marvel at the remarkable architecture and delicate detail on the edifices. Also located in the Rattanakosin Royal District is Wat Suthat, one of the oldest temples in the city. It was built to provide shelter for a thirteenth century bronze Buddha statue from Sukhotai. A giant red swing, the iconic Sao Ching-Cha, stands at its entrance. Set aside a few hours to visit Muang Boran, also known as The Ancient Siam, a museum that takes a comprehensive look into Thailand’s history and culture. Next, head to the Bangplee Ancient Market between 4pm and 8pm. It is located inside the Bangpleeyainai Temple, along the banks of the Somrong Canal. The Chinese trader community has occupied this location for over one hundred and fifty years. You can purchase fruits, vegetables, clothes street food and more.

After sunset, the nightlife gets going. Ladyboy shows are a Bangkok staple that include exaggerated costumes, sets and performances. Catch a Khon performance, the classical Thai masked dance, at Sala Chalermkrung Royal Theatre. If you prefer a quiet evening out, opt for an elegant Chao Praya dinner cruise that takes you by the historic and cultural sites.

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