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Sumanawas (The Golden Temple)

Glorious simplicity.

Among Thailand’s most famous temples are those that are renowned for its grandeur, and buildings that are visions of gold. However, Sumanawas Temple, Pranburi sparkles of unhindered simplicity.Set amidst the landscape of the beach, the temple is without doubt a place of quiet worship. Drawing from the luxuries of the coastal life is Sheraton Hua Hin Pranburi Villas. Located on the Gulf of Thailand, the hotel is a tropical getaway that is pleasantly adorned with luscious greenery. Things to do in Pranburi would include cycling, hiking and a multitude of water activities. It is best to explore this unspoiled territory by bike. Cycle your way to Sumanawas Temple and observe the simple mysteries of life in Pranburi on your way.

The temple is a refuge to all those who visit while the buildings coated in gold, faintly dazzle in the noon day sun. Calm fills travellers, as the grounds are not frequented by many. Regardless of your religious beliefs the temple is inviting to those who are in a meditative or pensive mood.

The grounds are also home to many stray dogs. It is a source of comfort for their hungry souls. Monks and visitors make generous contributions to appease their hunger for love and food. Many who visit the temple are drawn towards these needy beings. Those who pity their condition attempt to safeguard their well- being throughout their stay. Your heart will undoubtedly warm towards them.

An ideal vacation in Pranburi would include a visit to the Sumanawas temple, as it captures the simplicity of the area and its people. Once you set foot on the holy grounds it would become apparent that the tranquility of the surroundings would urge you to prolong your hours of worship or even relaxation.

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