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Modern Thai Food-Mouthwatering dishes to try out

Thailand is a country rich in its traditional cuisine. But when things change and improve with time, these traditional recipes have also faced modern alterations. Of course, these are some of the most creative dishes of all.

Image credit-Pixhere,CC0

Seng Wa Goong Pao

It’s indeed a royal Thai dish! With king-sized prawns and crispy catfish, this dish will soon make you fall in love with it. As it contains kaffir lime juice and many other herbs, there’s no doubt of its tongue pleasing zing.

Ka moo

If you’ve previously visited Bangkok and made yourself familiar with its street food dishes, Ka moo is a dish you won’t miss. Modern ka moo is even tastier because they marinate the pork leg, and then deep fry the same.

Scallop and mangosteen salad

Modern cafes and restaurants serve this rare salad with roasted chilli jam and this combination gives out a heavenly taste.

Where to enjoy modern Thai food?

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