Bangkok Forensic Museum

Definitely Not for the Squeamish!

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is arguably the most popular tourist destination in Southeast Asia. The city is known for its historic landmarks, wide range of shopping destinations, multiple recreational and leisure attractions, thriving hospitality industry, and wild red-light districts, making a destination where lasting memories can be made.

Bangkok has many museums displaying all manner of artifacts. But one of the most unique, albeit morbid, museums is the Bangkok Forensic Museum. As its name suggests, the museum showcases a wide collection of artifacts, human remains, and images, all associated with forensics. The content showcased at this museum is pretty graphic, but at the same time, it offers a grim and realistic insight into the grisly world of forensics – it is, therefore, definitely not for the squeamish! Nevertheless, it is so popular that hotels such as the AVANI Riverside Bangkok Hotel promote it as one of the things to do around Bangkok.

Housed in the Siriraj Medical Museum (also known as the Museum of Death), the Bangkok Forensic Museum is divided into the Pathology and Forensic Museum and the Anatomical Museum. So what can you expect to find at this macabre museum? You will find rows of jars filled with formaldehyde containing the remains of babies who suffered genetically disorders, displays of the remains of conjoined twins, a collection of the remains of disturbingly long tapeworms, a filarial affected testicle that weighs 35kg, the preserved remains of a baby with two heads, and a collection of the skeletal remains. But that’s not all, you will also find images of hearts that have suffered bullet wounds, frozen bodies with stab wounds and bullet wounds, photos of bodies caught in train accidents, mummified bodies of criminals who had been put to death, and even the buried body of a psychopath who was known to cannibalize his victims, and cabinets full of bones and organs. Well, the Bangkok Forensic Museum is certainly not a pleasant place, but you will not find a museum that offers a more brutally honest representation of forensics and pathology.

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