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Air Balloon Festival, a splendid sight

Sri Lanka’s much looked forward to Hot Air Balloon Festival is the first of its kind to be organized in the entire region of south-east Asia. Since its inception the event has become a popular feature, attracting many local residents as well as visitors from abroad. Taking place during March and April, teams from a number of countries participate in this friendly competition.
Although hot air ballooning does not have a long history in Sri Lanka it has caught the attention of many in the country. Typically more than forty entrants take part in the festival, with local teams vying with foreign entrants for the honours. You will see teams from developed nations such as the USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Japan taking part in this good-natured fiesta. Usually you will be able to see all the attractive and colourful balloons on display before they take to the skies.
As the island nation of Sri Lanka boasts great scenic beauty with many sights of interest taking a balloon ride over the picturesque countryside will undoubtedly be a memorable experience. Soaring over the tropical jungles you may have the opportunity to see elephants wandering in their natural habitat, water buffaloes ambling in paddy fields and playful monkeys cavorting amongst the treetops.
At the conclusion of the trip the balloon lands smoothly and you will be welcomed by enthusiastic and friendly local villagers who will often assist in packing away the equipment. There is no better way to explore this lovely land and the thrill of balloon flying is a never to be forgotten experience.
Typically a hot air balloon experience will take several hours, consisting of inflating the balloon, a concise briefing, the smooth takeoff, the actual flight and the return via van. The sight of an airborne sunrise is a sight that will truly be the experience of a lifetime. There is also an element of suspense, as the flight route depends on the prevailing wind conditions. A vehicle and support crew usually follow the balloon.
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