Chatuchak Weekend Market Bangkok

One of the Largest Open markets in the World


Chatuchak Weekend Market Soi
Chatuchak Weekend Market Soi

| Img Credit : JJ Harrison ([email protected]), Chatuchak Weekend Market SoiCC BY-SA 3.0


Weekend markets are a one of the most popular cultural norms of Thailand, and if you want to experience the biggest of them all, then the Chatuchak Weekend Market is the place to go.


The Chatuchak Weekend Market has a fairly deep history, since it appeared in 1942. It is a rarity because most of the markets that exist today appeared after the Prime Minister made it mandatory for every province to have a marketplace.


Size and Divisions
The market is absolutely massive, and you can only get an idea of its scale by visiting it. There are over 13 categories of goods to be found at the market, and these have been divided into 27 sections in total. You can discover everything from clothing and electronics, to animals and antiques.


Night Life
If you wish to experience some of the best nightlife the city has to offer, you can visit the JJ Green which is situated just behind the Chatuchak Market. There are many bars to be found here and they are always buzzing with activity. A visit to JJ Green is highly recommended if you’re staying at one of many a boutique hotel in Bangkok situated nearby, such as Maitria Hotel Sukhumvit 18.


The range of cuisine to experience here is simply astonishing and some of the most popular places include Foontalop, Toh-Plue, and Viva 8.






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