Chao Phraya Pier River Guide Bangkok – What to Expect at Every Pier

Bangkok is one of Southeast Asia’s most famous tourist destinations. Serving as the capital of Thailand, the bustling city of Bangkok has almost anything a tourist could possibly want on a vacation to an exotic city. The city has multiple shopping districts, recreational activities, numerous historic and cultural landmarks, a thriving nightlife, and many wild red-light districts. Bangkok’s booming hospitality industry is known for having luxury Bangkok resorts and hotels, such as the Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort.

Many of Bangkok’s most iconic landmarks and attractions are not located too far away from the banks of the Chao Phraya. To make access to these places easy, the banks of the river have many piers, which facilitate access to them from the river itself.

There are two routes that flow through the Chao Phraya; the North Route (N) and the South Route (S). Most of the piers with attractions are on the North Route. The Central Pier of the River leads to Sathorn, one of the oldest and most fascinating areas of Bangkok. N1 and N3 lead to Oriental and Si Phaya sectors; both of which are popular with tourists, while N5 is where you need to get off if you want to go to Wat Mangkon Kamalawat, Chinatown or Sampeng Lane. N6 is where to disembark to go to the Saphan Little India, Phut Night Market or Pak Khlong Talad, and a stop at N7 gives you access to Wat Pho, Museum of Siam, and the Santa Cruz Church. To go to the famous Wat Arun, get off at N8. N9 and the Maharajah Pier a very popular pier as it leads to the Grand Palace, the National Museum, and Sanam Luang. To go to Patravadi Theatre or Wat Rakhang Khositaram you must step off at N10, while N12 is the pier to the Royal Barges Museum. N13 leads to many attractions such as Wat Chana Songkram, National Art Gallery, Khao San Road, and Phra Athit Road. If you are interested in seeing King Rama Bridge, stop at N13, while N15 leads directly to regal Dusit. On the Southern Route keep a look out for S2 and S3, as they lead to Wat Worachanyawas and Wat Rajsingkorn respectively.

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Silom Night Market Sathorn – To Lose Yourself in a Colourful Maze

The lights never grow dim in these nocturnal streets, where trade happens, bargaining happens, people are met and good times happen too. As the scorching rays of the noon day sun grows dim and fades away into the night, lights appear, shoppers gather and the busy night markets of Silom come to life, adding colour and glamour to the streets of Sathorn, giving its tourists yet another experience to cherish for years to come.

As the burning waves of the Asian sun beat down mercilessly on the shopper at noon, a solution was sought in the form of a night market. Hence in the mellow moonlit streets, illuminated further by hundreds of neon lights, people gathered to shop till they dropped. Thai shoppers and foreign shoppers bargain in and out of these streets enjoying a novel facet of life, while the rest of the world slumbers.

Many young folk gather in the streets of Silom for the night market to meet up with friends and share good times. The daily duties over and done with, much needed unwinding happens here, in the nocturnal city.

Rows of stalls dazzlingly displaying bags, watches, clothes, shoes and DVDs are found on these streets. Everything is on bargain here, and how happy you are with your possessions will largely depend on your skills to bargain with the Thai traders who can play “rough”. Many items that are on offer will be given at a fraction of the price of its original price, hence one can surely walk away happy from the Silom Night Market of Sathorn.

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