The Bangkok Safari World – A Fun Land for Everyone

Bangkok is known as a vacation destination for everyone. That is said for a reason; just as Bangkok attracts everyone looking for a good time in the bustling streets, this incredible holiday hotspot also welcomes young ones looking for an exciting adventure at the Safari World Open Zoo and the Marine World.

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Fun for the entire family!

Found about an hour or so away from Bangkok is Safari World Open Zoo and the Marine World. The park consists of two parts namely the marine world and the safari park. If you are based in a Bangkok Siam hotel including such options as Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel you can enjoy a great day-trip to this attraction.

Safari at the park

An exhilarating 45-minute experience, the park offers a great chance to enjoy every bit of adventure stretched throughout its 8 km. You can also choose to enjoy the ride in your own vehicle with a coach from the park.

Highlights of the safari

Apart from the great chance to witness rare and endangered species of wildlife, the lucky ones on safari can also capture a few pictures of the tiger and lion feeding show.

Do not miss the rest of the park!

The park also features an incredible sea lion show, a dolphin show and a bird show. Don’t forget to let the kids enjoy the other wow-factors of the park such as the jungle walk. The Orang-utan Boxing show and the Hollywood Cowboy Stunt Show are also thrilling for the young ones.

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A Guide when Visiting Bangkok for the First Time – The Truly Essential Hotspots

Thailand offers an astonishing range of sights and experiences and if you’re embarking on a visit to this nation for the first time, there are a few places that are absolutely crucial visits.

Ko Ratanakosin

This artificial island is definitely an ideal starting point for your adventure due to its central location. It is also considered as the birthplace of Bangkok and has a surreal range of heritage sites, royal residences and Buddhist palaces to explore.

The Legendary Riverside

The Chao Phraya River is quite honestly Bangkok at its liveliest, and some of the most wondrous attractions of the city are situated along its banks. Everything from Thailand’s finest restaurants to various Bangkok city hotels and the iconic Lumphini Park are all situated nearby.


This is truly Bangkok’s international zone where you can experience the mind-boggling diversity of the city. This area features Middle-Eastern nightlife locales, French restaurants, and Japanese zones. There are many hotels and resorts nearby, such as AVANI Atrium Bangkok, so if you find yourself near Sukhumvit, be sure to visit.

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Image Credit: AVANI Atrium Bangkok

Chatuchak Weekend Market

This is one of the most colossal markets in the world, and the ideal place to visit towards the end of your adventure. At this market you can get anything from vintage sneakers to traditional souvenirs, to baby squirrels. It’s best to visit this place early since it can get quite congested towards the afternoon.

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Plan your Ideal Holiday in Thailand – How to Plan the Ideal Vacation in the Best Holiday Destination

From sun-drenched sandy beaches to long bike rides in Chiang Mai or an electrifying shopping experience in the ultimate Southeast Asian metropolis of Bangkok, Thailand is a place to experience it all. If you are planning your next getaway in this destination, make sure to check these tips.

Travelling solo or with the gang?

Whether you are travelling with your friends, the warmth of a lover’s embrace or solo, Thailand is ready to offer every ingredient for an ideal holiday; adventure activities, laidback rejuvenation and not to mention many lavish accommodation options. Among these are such properties as AVANI Riverside Bangkok Hotel.

The check-list of the ‘must-do’ things

There are few must-do things when in Thailand; stroll through the bustling streets of the city that never sleeps, taste sumptuous local flavours, embark on some island hopping, swim with bottle-nosed dolphins or stay in a lavish hotel in Riverside Bangkok.

There is the best time for everything

If sunny beaches and water sports are top of your vacation checklist, visit Thailand during the months of November and April. But make sure you are visiting in time for at least one major festival in Thailand to witness their incredible culture.

Other tips

Although the required vaccinations for visiting Thailand are not specified, make sure you have got the generally recommended vaccinations for those travelling in Asia. Always plan ahead and have a good travel guide (online version or printed copy) if not travelling with a tour group.

Damon Starky is a creative nomadic travel writer, who is well informed and experienced on a wide range of interests that would connect to the needs of any type of traveler.