A Quick Guide on Bangkok Riverside – Everything you Need to Know

The Chao Phraya River runs right through Bangkok, and the most popular place it passes through is Riverside Bangkok.


Riverside Bangkok is famous mainly because of its well-developed infrastructure and the amount of luxury and entertainment it has to offer to its residents and visitors alike.

Places to see

There are many cultural and religious monuments all around Bangkok, and some of the places you can visit are the Wat Arun and Wat Prayoon. Things to do around Bangkok also include shopping, and places like Asiatique and the River City Shopping Mall are perfect destinations for that.

Foodie destinations

For authentic meals or international cuisines, head over to any local food stall or luxury hotel respectively. For a romantic night out, there are dinner cruises too. You can also find quite a lot of oriental hotels in most resorts and they offer great meals that cater to every type of foodie.

Where to stay

Being a high-end tourist destination, Riverside is not short of places to stay at. Be it a budget hotel or a place like AVANI Riverside Bangkok Hotel, you have a variety of choices and stays that fit your every need.

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Terminal 21 in Sukhumvit

Bangkok has yet another shopping mall for the shopaholics out there, and this one is pretty new in comparison to the others too!

Terminal 21 Shopping Mall| Img by: Terrazzo via FlickrCC BY-ND 2.0


The Terminal 21 mall is said to be different from its predecessors as it gives importance to privately owned stores and not the usual international chain brand stores like the other malls.

Going in

You’d be able to find everything from a dishwasher soap bar to a high-end handbag worth hundred thousand dollars within this building. Unique stores line up along most of its floors while the first floor is filled with the brands that we expect and mall to have.


Located in Sukhumvit, this mall is within close proximity to hotels and service apartments in Bangkok the likes of Adelphi Forty- Nine.

When to go

Avoid the weekends if you hate crowds. The mall opens at 10am every day of the week, and stays open until 10pm unless you are watching a night show at the cinema and the movie runs until after. You can expect to use most of the major credit and debit cards within the malls, but when it comes to the privately owned stores, it is better to ask ahead, especially if it’s a restaurant.




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The Bangkok Safari World – A Fun Land for Everyone

Bangkok is known as a vacation destination for everyone. That is said for a reason; just as Bangkok attracts everyone looking for a good time in the bustling streets, this incredible holiday hotspot also welcomes young ones looking for an exciting adventure at the Safari World Open Zoo and the Marine World.

File:Ara macaws at Safari World -Bangkok-8a.jpg

Peter Dickinson from Wherever I hang my hat, Thailand, Ara macaws at Safari World -Bangkok-8aCC BY 2.0

Fun for the entire family!

Found about an hour or so away from Bangkok is Safari World Open Zoo and the Marine World. The park consists of two parts namely the marine world and the safari park. If you are based in a Bangkok Siam hotel including such options as Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel you can enjoy a great day-trip to this attraction.

Safari at the park

An exhilarating 45-minute experience, the park offers a great chance to enjoy every bit of adventure stretched throughout its 8 km. You can also choose to enjoy the ride in your own vehicle with a coach from the park.

Highlights of the safari

Apart from the great chance to witness rare and endangered species of wildlife, the lucky ones on safari can also capture a few pictures of the tiger and lion feeding show.

Do not miss the rest of the park!

The park also features an incredible sea lion show, a dolphin show and a bird show. Don’t forget to let the kids enjoy the other wow-factors of the park such as the jungle walk. The Orang-utan Boxing show and the Hollywood Cowboy Stunt Show are also thrilling for the young ones.

Caleb Falcon is a travel writer who specializes in writing content based on the many exciting world adventures that await intrepid travellers. Google+