Phra Thi Nang Vimanmek and Abhisek Dusit Throne Hall – The Spectacular Dusit Palace Complex


Phurida, Vimanmek-mansion, CC BY-SA 4.0

Thailand is an enthralling country with an incredibly rich heritage. The nation’s history is filled with many kings who built breath-taking works of architectural accomplishments. The country after all, is still officially titled the Kingdom of Thailand. One of the most beautiful royal residences that were ever created, and still exist today in all its glory, is the Dusit Palace complex, which was constructed by King Chulalongkorn, also known as Rama V.

The lavish compound is situated in the Dusit district, just across of the Chao Phraya River, and close to many Bangkok resorts such as the Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort. The entire complex features an elaborate network of gardens and a total of thirteen different residences. It is truly a testament to royal luxury. The palace compound was constructed due to the previous royal residence becoming too overcrowded and as a result no longer sustainable.

One of the most remarkable residences in the compound is the Vimanmek Mansion, which is the largest golden-teak construction in the world. The mansion therefore is massive, boasting three storeys and a total of eighty one rooms. This was the first permanent residence built in the Dusit Palace complex. The inspiration for this mansion came to King during a visit to Europe where he was exposed to Victorian architecture. He then commissioned the disassembling of a different residence in order to have it rebuilt into what eventually became the Vimanmek Mansion.

The Abhishek Dusit Throne Hall is another similar architectural wonder made of teak wood. Also built by King Rama, this exquisite hall was built in 1904, and bears strikingly Victorian architecture with strong Thai elements beautifully incorporated as well. It now serves as a handicraft museum and was the first of its kind when it was converted into its new role.

If you ever find yourself in Thailand, be sure to visit these awe-inspiring locales.

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Unmissable Things to Try in Bangkok With Kids – Keep the Clan Occupied

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Dominik Tefert, Wat Arun Bangkok Thailand, CC BY-SA 3.0 DE

Often regarded as the shopping and nightlife central, the city however is great for all age groups.Looking through a Bangkok travel guide could give one an idea of the countless possibilities of things to do in the city.

Even though a modern city, the Thai capital has a significant cultural flair to it. Some of the attractions such as the Grand Palace, Wat Arun and the Emerald Buddha are great places to stroll around with your kids as this helps them learn about different cultures and history. The grandeur of these monuments could leave them in awe as to how such great structures were built in times where development was not advanced as today. These attractions are easily accessible from some of Bangkok’s riverside hotels such as Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort.

A boat ride down Chao Phraya river could be an exciting as well as an educating experience for both you and your kids as the old town shows how the river was an integral part of activities of the town in the past.
Places such as Bounce Bangkok are great to keep your kids on their feet as this is a large trampoline and climb centre.

The centre houses trampolines of all types and the options are plenty. Ice rinks are popular in Bangkok and can be found in various locations, there is one that is even the size of an Olympic ice rink. This is a great place for you and your kids to work on your ice skating skills. The Children’s discovery museum again is a great place to spend the whole day as it allows children to dig up things and get their archaeological hat on.
Most of these places aim to get the whole family involved with activities or have activities that could interest adults in or around the premises.

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Day Trip to Bangkok – What to do when there are less than 24 hours to spend

Bangkok city attractions , Bangkok Guide

Bangkok city view | Courtesy : Anantara Riverside Resort

Bangkok is the beating heart of Thailand, the metropolitan that is a melting pot of cultures, nature, and people. As any Bangkok travel guide would state, it is not possible to see everything the city has to offer during one day trip. However, there are some essential things that you can do during a day trip if you have only one day to spend in Bangkok.

One of the key things that you must not miss during your visit is the religious side of Bangkok. There are many beautiful temples with their own glorious history that must be explored. Key temples to visit include Wat Trimitr, Wat Pho, the temple of the Golden Buddha, the temple of the Reclining Buddha, the Marble temple, and Wat Benchamabophit. The temple of the Golden Buddha is where the largest solid-gold Buddha statue in the world is located, thus it is a must that you visit the temple. In addition to the statues and the history, there is gorgeous architecture at the temples, each a reflection of the period it was built in. Once you are done with the temple tour, you can stop for a bit of lunch. As there is only one day to spend in Bangkok, it is recommended that you either go for a dining experience at a luxury hotel like Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort or try street food. The latter, of course, you might find at your next destination, which is the floating market. While there are several floating markets, each and every one will give you an insight into the daily life of a working Thai. You will see the companionship, the local customs, and above all, the traditions and values of the people. Of course, you will be able to taste fresh produce and buy handmade arts and crafts as a memento of this journey at the markets as well.

Caleb Falcon is a travel writer who specializes in writing content based on the many exciting world adventures that await intrepid travellers.