Business Etiquette in Thailand – Smooth as Silk

Many view Thailand as a place to have endless fun, given the country is blessed with some of the great beaches as well as the nightlife and the vibrant culture. However, there is a whole different segment of people who visit Thailand for various business related purposes. Businesses are not only limited to the capital Bangkok but surprisingly even spread across the very touristy islands such as Phuket. However, if you are in Phuket and looking for a business hotel it may be a tough call. Although the next best option would be to try a luxury hotel in Phuket the likes of the Anantara Layan Phuket Resort. If you are running in and out of meetings and attending conferences it is important that your stay is stress-free and relaxing.

Many people are often in doubt about the business etiquette of different countries, especially when it is completely different to theirs. Many from the Western worldview Thais as a very conservative community, however, the truth is that they are quite the relaxed people. Thai people are very particular about the general etiquettes before the business etiquettes. Therefore greetings, warm smiles and polite conversations and approaches are highly welcomed. Elders are expected to be given the utmost respect as in many Asian countries. Most business gatherings are usually started off with building a more personal relationship. Issues are often discussed repeatedly at various levels before a decision arrives. Thais are very hospitable people hence most meetings are organised over a meal or drinks and entertainment. Mostly body language is considered to be an important element of meetings. Also, it is advisable to give the party you are meeting well in advance notice and reconfirm your appointment. Given all this one is guaranteed to seal a smooth as silk deal!

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