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Bangkok International Fashion Week – Fabulously fashionable

Every year, the greatest fashionistas and iconic divas from many nations gather at Bangkok to celebrate the world of fashion in style.


The Bangkok International Fashion Week is a coveted event among the famous festivals and you can find updates on the event on blogs like Events and Festivals Blog, for instance.

What its famous for

Known as Thailand’s premier events for fashion, you can expect to see a unique lineup of displays, varying from fashion exhibitions, fashion talks, fashion shows and platforms for the younger talents to showcase their eccentric and creative fashion senses.

The fashion week is a glitzy, glamorous affair with live music, cocktails, sparkling diamonds and famous names sporting designer outfits.

Why you should go

If you are an aspiring fashion designer or just someone who is awe inspired by the world of fashion, getting yourself a seat at the Bangkok International Fashion Week might be a good idea.

For all types of shopaholics, this event will surely be a surreal experience, while they watch the best clothes and fashion icons being paraded about.

Thailand is never far behind when it comes to fashion and this event in Bangkok is no exception to that. The trendiest, most coveted designs and outfits can be seen here, and if you’re lucky, you might even be able to afford to grab some clothes on your way out!

Filled with wanderlust that seeks to explore distant shores and captivated by the colors and vibrancy of exotic cultures, Kanya Mae writes on the beautiful, exciting, and enchanting wonders of the world. She is a writer who not only has a passion for travel, but also has a background in fashion, art and media. Google+

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