Terminal 21 in Sukhumvit

Bangkok has yet another shopping mall for the shopaholics out there, and this one is pretty new in comparison to the others too!

Terminal 21 Shopping Mall| Img by: Terrazzo via FlickrCC BY-ND 2.0


The Terminal 21 mall is said to be different from its predecessors as it gives importance to privately owned stores and not the usual international chain brand stores like the other malls.

Going in

You’d be able to find everything from a dishwasher soap bar to a high-end handbag worth hundred thousand dollars within this building. Unique stores line up along most of its floors while the first floor is filled with the brands that we expect and mall to have.


Located in Sukhumvit, this mall is within close proximity to hotels and service apartments in Bangkok the likes of Adelphi Forty- Nine.

When to go

Avoid the weekends if you hate crowds. The mall opens at 10am every day of the week, and stays open until 10pm unless you are watching a night show at the cinema and the movie runs until after. You can expect to use most of the major credit and debit cards within the malls, but when it comes to the privately owned stores, it is better to ask ahead, especially if it’s a restaurant.




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The most wonderful things to do in Hong Kong – Essential Experiences where East Meets West


Hong Kong is a city with a vast array of experiences to offer, and if you ever find yourself in this magnificent metropolis, then keep an eye out for the below experiences.


Indulge in Some Dim Sum
Dim Sum is a culinary concept that is famous throughout the world. It consists of a meal featuring a selection of items, with dumplings being a major hallmark. Commonly featured items can also include barbecued pork buns, turnip cakes and spare ribs.


Charter a Junk Boat
Cruising on a vintage Chinese vessel is something you are bound to remember for a lifetime. There are many places offering such experiences, with more high-end options involving seven-hour rides with food and an open-bar. Many Hong Kong luxury hotels, with examples such as The Murray, Hong Kong would be able to at least point you in the right direction if you wish to procure yourself a ‘junk’.


Visit a Street Market
Hong Kong’s street markets boast pretty much anything and everything and more at the best prices, if you’re willing to haggle. Perhaps the most unique street market is Fa Yuen Street, which is known throughout the world as ‘Sneakers Street’ for showcasing an astonishing selection of footwear.


Hike the Hong Kong Trail
This 31-mile track will take you on an adventure you’ll never forget. Some of the most renowned areas along this track is the ‘Dragon’s Back’, as well as the Shek O Peak, which offers the best views in the city.




Caleb Falcon is a travel writer who specializes in writing content based on the many exciting world adventures that await intrepid travellers. Google+


The culture in Bangkok – A mix of it all

Bangkok is a traditional country and is also the place people think of when they want fashionable clothes or great shopping destinations.


Via- Pixabay,Simon,CC0

The culture in Bangkok displays its prominence in Thailand, be it religious or traditional values. Buddhism is the main religion and has been so for centuries now. Ancient, ruins, temples, statues and architecture can be found all around the country and most of the major religious spots call Bangkok their home.


Apart from the attractions and religious places that bring in tourists and worshippers alike, Bangkok is also famous for its fun and colourful festivals that happen throughout the year. Hotel rates are at their highest during the festivals and renting out a serviced apartment in Thonglor is a good idea if you are travelling in a group. You have a lot of variety to choose from, be it Adelphi Forty- Nine or something similar. The Songkran festival happens in April, followed by Loi Krathong, which takes place in November. The Golden Mount Fair also happens at the end of November, and apart from these annual festivals, the birthdays of the members of the royal families are also celebrated nationwide, making for more fun events to attend.

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